Don’t Put This Down the Drain

Posted on June 23, 2021

It’s so tempting to dispose of things by pouring them down the drain. After all, once they disappear down the drain they’re out of your space. Gone. Poof. The problem is they’re not truly gone. They’re actually wreaking havoc on your pipes and plumbing. 

Using your plumbing system like a glorified trash can will eventually cost you. Here are five things people commonly pour down the drain that could cause major clogs or a complete failure in your plumbing system. 

Grease and oil. 

Why not: You should never pour fat of any kind down the sink. Fat that’s liquid when hot will solidify at room temperature, clogging your pipes and possibly destroying your plumbing. Instead: Many people like to reuse certain fats and grease for other recipes. If you prefer to dispose of it, collect it in an old coffee can, a plastic bottle, or a milk carton, seal it, and throw it in the trash. 

Coffee grounds

Why not: Coffee grounds are so small, you would think they just flow through pipes. They don’t. They’re actually the likeliest source of a clog in the kitchen sink. Instead: Throw coffee grounds in the garbage as you would any other household waste. 


Why not: Eggs are so delicate many people think tossing the shells down the garbage disposal is harmless. It’s not. After going through the garbage disposal, the tiny pieces stick to other debris in the pipes, causing clogs. Instead: Throw eggshells in the garbage as you would any other household waste. 


Why not: Medicine might not clog your pipes, but it will pollute the water supply. Instead: Check with your local pharmacy to find out if they have a medical waste disposal program. If they don’t, the DEA holds a prescription Take Back Day twice a year. 


Why not: Paint has a number of toxins and chemicals. As with medicine, the issue with paint isn’t so much your pipes but your water supply. Instead: If it’s a small amount, let the paint dry out before throwing it away. If it’s a large amount, mix it with kitty litter, allow it to dry into a solid, and throw it away. Or, locate your municipality’s Hazardous Household Waste collection center and take it there.

Thinking twice before dumping something down the drain will decrease the likelihood of plumbing problems. Of course, accidents happen. Whatever the problem, Raider Rooter can help. We’ve been helping South Florida maintain and manage its plumbing since 1978. Let us put our expertise to work for you. As always, whether you’re after tips and tricks for frequent plumbing problems or more extensive plumbing insight, be sure to consult our blog for thorough and useful information. 

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