Sounds to Listen For in Your Plumbing

Posted on May 21, 2021

Every house makes noises, especially older ones. Most of the time, they’re harmless. But when the noises involve your plumbing, there’s a good chance something’s not right. 

Every plumbing-related noise poses its own type of problem. Here are four plumbing sounds, their source, and solutions. 

Popcorn sounds coming from your water heater. 

SOURCE: Popping, crackling, and banging noises coming from your water heater are common, especially in areas with hard water, like many parts of South Florida. The likely cause of the noise is sediment and scale buildup inside the tank. The heating element is located at the bottom of the tank, right where the sediment and mineral deposits settle and mix with the water. As the water heats to boiling, the bubbles escape from the layer of sediment and cause a popping noise.

SOLUTION: The best way to stop the popping is to drain the tank to rid it of sediment.

Banging and clanking sounds. 

SOURCE: Hearing banging and clanking sounds when you turn on the water is definitely cause for concern. That sound occurs when the flow of water is being restricted inside the pipes. 

SOLUTION: A plumber needs to clear the chambers within your pipe valves and replace any necessary parts. 

Rattling sound coming from the sink. 

SOURCE: A rattling sound coming from your sink means there’s something wrong with your garbage disposal. The rattling either means your disposal impeller plate is loose or there’s something wrong with the motor. 

SOLUTION: You can’t tighten the impellers or check the motor without disassembling the appliance. So, you’ll need to call a plumber. 

Gurgling sound coming from the toilet or sink. 

SOURCE: A gurgling noise coming from your toilet or sink when water is turned on in another part of your house is almost always caused by a clog. The gurgling sound is caused by the air escaping from the water that’s struggling to pass through the clog.

SOLUTION: Call a plumber to clear the obstruction.  Don’t get spooked by noises. Raider Rooter has been helping South Florida maintain and manage its plumbing since 1978. Let us put our expertise to work for you. As always, whether you’re after tips and tricks for frequent plumbing problems or more extensive plumbing insight, be sure to consult our blog for thorough and useful information.

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