4 signs there is trouble with your water main line

Posted on September 6, 2021

Your water main line is very important. It delivers water from the city’s water supply to your home or business. Needless to say, when something goes wrong, it causes major problems. 

Luckily, before this happens, there are warning signs. Keeping an eye out for them and taking immediate measures will go a long way in saving you time and money.

Here are four signs your water line needs to be replaced or repaired. 

Assortment of plumbing tools that can be used to fix a water main line
  1. Your water is coming out discolored. When your water is suddenly coming out a rust-brown color from all the fixtures in your home, it’s a sign there’s an issue with your water line. And discolored water isn’t just unsightly; it’s dangerous to drink! After all, the discoloration means either your pipes are corroded, or dirt, soil, and other contaminants are entering through cracks. 
  2. You have low water pressure. If you’re noticing a drop in water pressure in every fixture in your home, you probably have a leak or a clog in your water main line. There are other reasons your water pressure might be low, but those problems often stem from the water line.
  3. You have water pooling on your lawn. If it hasn’t rained excessively in your area and you haven’t changed your watering pattern but you’re finding soft and soggy spots on your lawn, your water line could be cracked and leaking water underneath the surface of your lawn. And if you’re noticing a lot of excess water, the leak could be substantial!
  4. Your water bill has increased for no apparent reason. Noticing an increase in your water bill without a change in our water usage is cause for concern. Either you need to repair or replace your water line or you have a leak that needs to be repaired.  

If you’re dealing with these issues, don’t wait to see if the problem goes away. It won’t. While one of these problems on its own might not be cause to worry, experiencing more than one at the same time almost certainly means you have a major problem underground.

To learn more about your water main line, contact Raider Rooter today. We’ve been helping South Florida maintain and manage its plumbing since 1978. In that time, we’ve seen a lot of hurricanes. So, let us put our expertise to work for you.

As always, whether you’re after tips and tricks for frequent plumbing problems or more extensive plumbing insight, be sure to consult our blog for thorough and helpful information. 

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