Replacing Cast Iron Pipes

Posted on November 29, 2017

Cast iron pipes, used in many homes built before 1975, are now causing major headaches for homeowners. These pipes are naturally susceptible to rust and corrosion. With time, the deterioration can lead to water damage, clogged drains, leaking sewage, pest infestation, and possible health risks to the home’s occupants.

Image of cast iron pipe in ground surrounded by water and then dirt/grass with PVC fitting sticking up.Gases, toxins, chemicals, and acids cause piping materials to break down over time. And here in Florida, the salt and moisture accelerate the process even more. In fact, the situation here is so dire it’s now the basis of a class action lawsuit.

Many homeowners are finding insurance companies unwilling to cover the major costs associated with the property damage and replacement of cast iron pipes. The traditional method of removing the old pipes involves tearing up the yard, digging up floors, and tearing out walls to replace bad drainage pipes, but there are other options.

Raider Rooter offers a more environmentally friendly, minimally invasive, and cost effective alternative – Perma-Liner pipe lining. Using Perma-Liner cured in place pipe lining, Raider Rooter can rehabilitate your pitted, cracked, or root-infested pipes. This revolutionary new technique uses a resin-saturated felt tube made of polyester, fiberglass cloth, or another material suitable for resin impregnation. It requires minimal digging, if any, making it a less disruptive method than the traditional “dig and replace” repair method.

There are a number of signs your pipes could be failing, including water backups, slow drains, foul smells, and roach infestation. If you’ve recently been experiencing these issues, allow one of the skilled professionals at Raider Rooter to perform a video inspection.

Even if you’re not experiencing any of the telltale signs, it’s important to realize cast iron pipes have a 40- to 50-year life expectancy. Less in Florida, which means cast iron pipe failure could be a major concern for many South Florida residents. The Perma-Liner method, done by the professionals at Raider Rooter, is the best way to restore your existing pipes without the mess of conventional repairs.

Call us at 866.6RAIDER or email us with any questions you might have regarding the process. With years of experience servicing Broward and Palm Beach, our goal is to provide quality service at affordable prices.

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