Problems Hard Water Can Cause

Posted on June 23, 2020

Have you ever wondered why your dishes have water spots when you let them air dry? Or why reddish stains form on the porcelain in your bathroom? The answer is the same for both: hard water. The water in Florida contains high levels of hard minerals like calcium, magnesium, and lime. 
While hard water doesn’t pose a health risk, it is a nuisance and can cause a number of plumbing, maintenance, and household cleaning issues.
Here are a few of the problems hard water can create. How many of these sound familiar?

  • Pipes get clogged. Like plaque inside an artery, lime scale deposits build up inside your pipes. Over time, they restrict the flow of water, and eventually lead to clogs and backups.
  • Appliances wear out quickly. The scale deposits that can clog your pipes can also wreak havoc on your appliances. From the dishwasher and ice maker to the hot water heater and washing machine, a build-up of sediment can make any appliance that uses water less efficient and long-lasting.
  • Dingy laundry. The iron and calcium found in hard water can react with the chemicals in laundry detergent, compromising its effectiveness and leaving everything looking yellowish-gray and dingy, regardless of how much bleach you use to attempt to lighten them.
  • Skin irritation issues. Hard water prevents soap from dissolving, leaving soap residue on the skin. For people who have sensitive skin, the residue can make it feel itchy and exacerbate skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis.

Fortunately, every problem has a solution. For hard water issues, the solution is installing a water softener or a water filtration system. The benefits of softer water include:

  • Easier cleaning – no more hard water stains on fixtures, appliances, or clothing
  • Less soap and detergent detergents and soaps required
  • Increased longevity of water-using appliances
  • Softer skin and hair
  • Cleaner, spotless dishes and cutlery
  • Better tasting and smelling water

If you’re tired of battling hard water in your home, call the skilled plumbing team at Raider Rooter. We’ve been providing South Florida with reliable, affordable, and high-quality plumbing services for over 40 years.

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