Plumbing Fact vs. Fiction

Posted on May 7, 2017

We’ve all been on the receiving end of helpful tips and tricks for keeping our plumbing in top shape. In fact, you could probably fill a stuffed up sink with all the tips you’ve heard over the years. But the truth is that some of those tips could actually hurt your plumbing. Here are five plumbing solution tips that are best ignored.

  • Myth: Lemon peels will deodorize your garbage disposal. Yes, lemon peels will leave your disposal with a nice citrusy scent. But they may also clog the drain and corrode the metal inside the garbage disposal. If you want to freshen up your disposal, white vinegar and hot water will do the trick.
  • Myth: Flushable wipes are perfectly harmless. Ask the parent of any mischievous toddler and they’ll confirm a lot of things are flushable! But that doesn’t mean they’re good for your plumbing.  The packaging for wipes might say they’re flushable, but it’s really best not to flush them. Wipes don’t biodegrade like toilet paper does. In fact, wipes can build up, cause major blockage and serious damage to the system. It’s best to dispose of these in the trash.
  • Myth: Tablets with bleach keep the toilet clean. Those tablets that contain bleach and sit in your tank indefinitely can actually destroy the working parts of your toilet within six months. A little bleach in the bowl to disinfect is fine, but don’t let it linger in the tank for more than 10 minutes. Flush it through to prevent any lasting damage.
  • Myth: Don’t fuss over pipes, drains and fixtures. Over time, plumbing components that are not regularly checked and maintained can start to leak, rust, and cause other problems. But don’t make the mistake of using hand soap to clean your fixtures. Soap will damage the finish, and make the fixtures appear dirty and worn.
  • Myth: All plumbers are the same. Not all plumbers are created equal. Like many other professionals, plumbers can better their education through special certifications and accreditations. Do a little research and choose carefully so you don’t have to hire a second plumber to fix a mess the first one left you. One of the things you want to check is whether the person you’re hiring has the appropriate liability insurance and certifications necessarily to protect you and them in case something does go wrong. Also be wary of anyone who won’t give you an estimate in writing before they begin work.

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