Enjoy a Clog-free Thanksgiving with these tips

Posted on October 11, 2016

Here are a few tips to help you avoid the need for a plumber after this year’s Thanksgiving.

A lot of food is prepared, eaten and disposed of on Thanksgiving day. This is were clean up and leftovers clog your pipes. Many plumbers say the day after Thanksgiving is their single busiest day of the year

  1.  Watch the garbage disposal.

Having company means your cooking for more than your normal amount of family members. The garbage disposal will get a robust workout on this festive day, more than any other day of the year. It also means that if you aren’t careful with what you put down the drain, and the amount you are dumping into the sink your could end up with a clogged drain.

  1.  Watch jewelry and other miscellaneous items.

Food is not the only culprit of a clogged drain on Thanksgiving. Plumbers say they’re also getting calls to retrieve other items from the kitchen pipes. These include jewelry, napkin holders, pens, and kid’s toys. Remember to take off all your jewelry when preparing food or cleaning up.

  1.  Harsh items on your drain.

Items that don’t do well in your garbage disposal or drains are as follows;

  • Fats, oils and anything greasy – Many fats and oils are used to cook a Thanksgiving meal. When cleaning up, put them in an old soup can, let cool, and throw in the trash.
  • Turkey bones – The first bone may not break the garbage disposal, but continued stress.
  • Gristle – a solid version of fat is great for creating a clog.
  • Onion and potato peelings – They can form a paste once that are stuffed down the drained and soaked. This paste will eventually swell, forming a nasty clog.

Most of these items can be too difficult for a homeowner to handle on his own. To be on the safe side, if you are unsure whether to put any food item down the drain, throw it in the trash.

  1.  Watch those kids.

Thanksgiving day often brings the entire family together, including kids of all ages. Younger children can occasionally cause problems by stuffing the wrong items into the toilet to see if they can flush it away. Plumbers say that can include anything from diapers and tampons to kitty litter and dog toys. If any of the these wrong items makes it down the toilet, it won’t take long before it clogs up the line.

Keep these tips in mind so you may enjoy your day without the need for a plumber.

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