Caring for Your Septic Tank

Posted on March 26, 2019
Wiring septic tank in a private dwelling house

Septic systems are used all over the U.S., including a third of the homes here in South Florida. Having a septic system in your home is like having a personal sewage treatment plant. In it, solid waste settles at the bottom, scum rises to the top, and the water, which stays in the middle, seeps out to the drainfield. A tank could continue this efficient function indefinitely, but only if properly maintained.

It’s important to be cognizant of the items you’re dumping down the drain. From toilet paper in the bathroom to grimy dish water in the kitchen, whatever goes down your drain ends up in your septic tank. Fortunately, taking care of your septic system is relatively easy and reasonably maintenance-free, when you follow a few simple guidelines.

  • Pump your tank regularly. A consistent septic service schedule is the only way to prevent the accumulation of solids in their system. Though the necessary pumping frequency strongly depends on the size of the tank, the volume of wastewater, and the amount of solids inside it, we recommend having a septic tank pumped every one to three years. Of course, foul odor, slow drains, and plumbing back up are all signs your tank needs to be pumped immediately.
  • Use additives. Live bacteria will break down the presence of unnatural substances and solids inside your septic tank. Common household items, like soap and detergents, kill off the naturally occurring bacteria that allow your system to function properly. Bacteria additives eliminate proteins, starches, cellulose, lipids, grease, detergents, and foul odors.
  • Install a filter. Installing a filter between the tank and the drainfield prevents solids from entering into your drainfield.
  • Schedule hydro-jetting. Regardless of how diligent you are with having your tank pumped, your tank will still accumulate solids and other debris in the drain pipes. These solids clog the pipes that connect the septic tank to the drainfield. To counteract the clogs, we recommend the hydro-jetting cleaning process, which eliminates and clears the debris.

Prevent costly repairs and maintain the delicate biological balance inside your tank with routine septic system maintenance. Keep your system working properly by following these recommendations, and our 6 Keys to Septic Tank Success. Contact us to service your tank, or allow us to help you with the many services we offer. Raider Rooter has been providing South Florida with reliable, affordable, and high-quality plumbing services for over 40 years.

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